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Koko Uzi (Australia)

We love our independents — so it was pretty cool to have a collision with Brisbane-based all female trio – Koko Uzi — during our recent trip to Australia.

We caught up with these gals when they were part of the opening acts for our “date with Spiderbait” down in Kingscliff NSW (at the Kingscliff Beach Hotel).

We immediately picked up on a “never may care” attitude aura from this band who pride themselves on just having a good time while playing a rather traditional grungey/dirty guitar orientated set — which they like to refer to as “growl & meow” (LOL!)

Koko Uzi — You go girls!!

They list their primary influence as the 1990’s grunge scene and that most certainly does effectively come across.  A quick summary might be that Koko Uzi do have a sound much like earlier days L7 — and we mean that in a totally good way.

Koko Uzi features guitarist, Michelle Bowden (Mi Mi Uzi), Lisa Kunde (Li Li Uzi) singer/bass, and Alana Manix (Alana Bam Bam Uzisinger) drummer.  They self describe as “Bad-ass female warriors” — and that’s pretty apt! 

You can check out more about Koko Uzi at their official : HERE

Event review and photos by Bruce Biegler