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A “Burning Thyme” from GOST

Before releasing the new album “Rites of Love and Reverence” on August 13th GOST is showing a very different side with the new track and video “Burning Thyme”. Watch it HERE!

GOST comments: “I experimented a lot with instrumentation for ‘Rites of Love and Reverence’.  Writing a song featuring an acoustic guitar and cello was honestly the furthest thing from my mind for this record.  “Burning Thyme”, refers again to the past and was a term used for announcing the burning of witches.  “Invoke the spirit that’s been hiding deep within.”

The following formats are available of “Rites of Love and Reverence”:
Gatefold black LP+CD
Gatefold neon yellow LP+CD (200) only available at centurymedia.store
Gatefold transp. orange LP+CD (300) available at CM Distro Wholesale EU
Digital Album

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“Rites of Love and Reverence” is both an album of beautifully crafted songs and a fascinating and intuitively gothic journey, rich with thoughts of supernatural wickedness and real world retribution.

“The lyrics were inspired by witchcraft themes,” says the man himself. “It’s mainly about how witchcraft has affected women throughout history. Witch trials and the subsequent executions throughout the ages terrify me. I fear, as a society, we are always on the verge of such horrible psychosis based on the misunderstanding and intolerance of one another. I try to educate myself on any historical subject I use as an influence, out of respect for the real people who actually lived through it.”

In keeping with its dark theme, “Rites of Love and Reverence” arrives adorned with the most stunning image GOST has used to date, created by celebrated doyen of macabre art, Nona Limmen. Both eerily psychedelic and hazily mysterious, it’s the perfect visual representation of this extraordinary record’s grim but vivid depths.

The perfect soundtrack to these uncertain and frequently horrifying times, “Rites of Love and Reverence” renders GOST’s post-synthwave exploits in kaleidoscopic technicolor, delivering all the glass-shattering grit, incisive melodic melancholy and tripped-out, electronic fervour that his ever-expanding army of admirers demand.

In the past GOST has become renowned as a potent and idiosyncratic live act. Over the last few years he has shared stages with Perturbator, 3TEETH, Mayhem, Carpenter Brut, Power Trip, The Black Dahlia Murder, Midnight, Pig Destroyer and many more, while several headline tours of North America and Europe have further consolidated that already robust reputation.

GOST previously released the following tracks and videos:
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