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L7 (USA)

The comeback for stellar and controversial all female band L7 continues!

The Los Angeles-based group who many (including LMLCMedia!) consider to be arguably the best all female hard rock band in history (!) — were caught in action while back on tour promoting their first new album and material in 20 years (Scatter The Rats) — their 7th studio release — which came out in May (’19).

After injecting a lot of mayhem as well as cutting edge influence into the rock industry between 1985-2001 — the group disbanded for a very lengthly period — before reforming back in 2014.

This band’s discography includes some true gems including:  Bricks are Heavy (1992), Hungry for Stink (1994), The Beauty Process (1997) and Slap Happy (1999) — all which should already be entrenched deeply within the libraries for any serious connoisseur of rock music. 

Donita Sparks – L7

The band features leading ladies and primary song writers Donita Sparks (vocals/guitar) and Suzi Gardner (vocals/guitar) as well as Jennifer Finch (bass) and Demetra Plakas (drums). 

And do yourself a favourite — check out the simply excellent track “Stadium West” from their newest release Scatter the Rats.

Our photo gallery below features them live on stage during “The Bash” Music and Craft Beer festivals held during 2019.

To link to L7 Official – click: HERE

Posted by Bruce Biegler

Event Photos by John McCarthy