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Nitzer Ebb (UK)

The word “privileged” is the first word that came to my mind when the house lights went up at the Danforth Music Hall recently to reveal non-other then iconic — Nitzer Ebb.

For those who partake in the industrial music and EBM music scene genre — the name Nitzer Ebb needs no introduction.   

First established in England in 1982 by founders Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris, Nitzer Ebb have done their part as one of the bands within the very DNA for that mechanical, industrial, synth-punk beat which has since soared to such high popularity and still remains as influence to so much of today’s modern day music.

Douglas McCarthy & Bon Harris were both present at the Toronto event date as they passed through as part of a 18-day and first of two North American tours for this year, between which they will be featured within Europe at a series of major festivals.

This 2019 venture is in fact a bit of a reset for Nitzer Ebb — who had been on somewhat of a hiatus from both touring and the recording studio since 2010.

Bon Harris & Douglas McCarthy – Nitzer Ebb

At “Da Danforth” they played a truly very electrifying show— to a very appreciative and knowledgable fan set.   That included a selection of some of their masterpieces like “Getting Closer”, “Let Your Body Learn” and their iconic “Join in the Chant”.  

I have personally been a Nitzer Ebb fan from pretty much the get go.  Their album “That Total Age” was one of my earliest industrial purchases and it remains both relevant and a favourite within my collection today.  The bands current label — Mute Records — has in 2019 released a compilation album (available on CD and vinyl) titled “Body of Work”** which features a remastered collection of some of their very best. 

**LMLCMedia highly recommends you seek that out — and when you do — you will most certainly then hear the NEP echos of influence elsewhere within industrial music.  

You can find out more on their official : HERE

Event review and photo gallery by Bruce Biegler