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Ministry (USA) @Toronto

If there is an individual more worthy for the moniker “Industrial Ironman” within the rock music industry — it would be hard to argue against the name Al Jorgensen.

The iconic leader of infamous band Ministry once again brought in both his art and his aggression to Toronto when they played at Rebel.

The early December date was in fact a “double dip” for Uncle Al and his mates into the Toronto market for 2018 which emphasized a couple of things — their realization of both the dedicated local fan support and the size of impact of the GTA market to them as a whole.  This was also one of the final tour dates as Ministry progressed towards the conclusion of their gruelling worldwide tour promoting their latest album AmeriKKKant. 

I have personally been a huge fan of Ministry — dating all the way back to their Land of Rape and Honey.  That release which was the first time I ever heard them, initially floored me and then ultimately proved to be really life altering with respect to my taste in music.  And amazingly enough this year, Ministry is celebrating the 30th anniversary of that iconic and groundbreaking release!

The Rebel Toronto Ministry event (presented by LiveNation) was exemplary.  With the mesmerizing presence of Jourgensen front and centre backed by the band’s super talent pool of musicians consisting of Sin Quirin & Cesar Soto (Guitars), Tony Campus (Bass), John Bechdel (Keys) and Derek Abrams (Drums), the show was both polished and professional. 

Never one to shy away from his distaste for the “right side” of the political spectrum  Jorgensen was unrelenting in that attack throughout.  If there were any minions to the “Liar King” present at the event — that presence was irrelevant.  I must say too that even though Jorgensen’s rants largely involve politics for our neighbours to the south — we as Canadians – maybe more then any other country outside the USA in the world — understand and do get it. 

But honestly my biggest takeaway from my latest personal Ministry experience was the most positive of all.  I was impressed and also relieved at how healthy and fit Al Jorgensen actually looked this time — compared to — lets just say some higher toxicisity level shows in the past.

For me that was important and for fans of Ministry overall that is important.  Whether by design or by default, Al Jorgensen and Ministry are influential messengers within the genre of industrial music on our particular planet – both lyrically and sonically.  I absolutely want it to stay that way and from what I observed I think there is now some self realization from within for this band of responsibility to do their part to maintain that exact status.

PS:  Loved Al Jourgensen’s new mic stand!  (A creation by Sawbladehead Designs.) 

Event Review and Photo Gallery by Bruce Biegler