Loud Music

Crown Lands (Canada)

According to their website you will get — “Blistering guitars, pummeling drums and howling vocal”.  That is exactly what fans got at Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom when Oshawa Ontario’s dual Crown Lands paid visit.

Their sound and vocals very reminiscent of Black Sabbath with a shot of Rush added.    Being that this is a 2 piece band, both Cody Bowles (Vocals and Drums) and Kevin Comeau (Guitars, Bass Synth) certainly make themselves sound like a  4-piece band with that Bluesy sound.

Kevin definitely does not stand still during his performance either, thrashing around stage like his pants are on fire.    Major kudos to Cody, singing as well as he does, even pulling off a Rush classic “Working Man” near the end of the set.  Not a easy feat, and the crowd loved it too!

They are currently touring in support of the album “Rise over Run” and this may very well be the best 2 piece band you see this year!

Post and photo essay by Les Puchala

Check them out on FB at:  https://www.facebook.com/crownlandsmusic/ or link on-line at: https://www.crownlands.ca/