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The SoapGirls (South Africa)

The SoapGirls are a South African based rock band consisting of French-born, South African-raised sisters Noemie Debray (“Mie”) (guitar, vocals) and Camille Debray (“Mille”) (bass guitar, vocals).

The sisters are the only full members since band’s formation (2004) — who have during their career to date used various session drummers when touring and recording.

Noemie & Camille Debray – The SoapGirls

Early in their professional careers, The SoapGirls were a dance-pop act who have soon after evolved to a harder core punk sound and contortionist stage scope.

The group have five studio albums to their credit: Xperience (2011), Calls For Rebellion (2015), Society’s Rejects (2017), Elephant in the Room (2019) — their most recent being In My Skin (4th as a punk band) released in 2022 after the COVID-19 Pandemic.

More more information on The SoapGirls – link to their offical: HERE