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Frenzal Rhomb (Australia)

We got to witness the on-stage antics and frantic sounds of one of Australia’s more notorious band names – Frenzal Rhomb.

Fronted by lead singer and sole remaining original member since formation – Jason Whalley – this band got its start way back in 1992 out of Sydney NSW.

Jason Whalley – Frenzal Rhomb

Playing its own brand of original punk rock — the band has criss-crossed all over Australia multiple times during it’s career journey and have also toured internationally to the United States, UK, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Israel and Taiwan.

Three of the group’s albums have entered the top 20 on the ARIA Albums Chart: A Man’s Not a Camel (1999), Hi-Vis High Tea (2017) and Smoko at the Pet Food Factory (2011) with Hi-Vis High Tea reached the highest – 9th position.

The band has undergone several line-up changes over the years but their present day players (in addition to Jason Whalley) are Lindsay McDoughall (Guitar), Gordy Forman (Drummer) and Michael Dallinger (Bass guitar).

And in case you were wondering — the band’s name comes from a “fresnel rhomb” which is a prism-like device invented by the 19th century French engineer Augustin-Jean Fresnel – and now you know!

Link to Frenzal Rhomb official: HERE

Post and photo gallery by Bruce Biegler