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Shihad (New Zealand)

We got a serious dose of hard rockers SHIHAD recently.

Shihad are a rock band that first formed in Wellington, New Zealand in 1988.

It proved to be an impressive set for this tried and true band that has morphed its sound during its career.  After being founded within the New Wave era they moved from being somewhat punky to what is now a much harder metal edged sound.  So if you do like things rather Metallica / Ministry / Black Sabbath – well this band certainly delivers that influence — right into your face.

Jon Toogood – Shihad

At the event we caught we were particularly impressed by some titles they played from their newest release Old Gods (Warner Music – 2021) — with the songs “Old Gods” and (gothic sounding) “Tear Down Those Names”.  We also got a kick out of their dedication cover version of the mega hit song “I Got You” released originally by legendary fellow NZ countrymen new wavers — Split Enz.

Shihad currently consists of founders Tom Larkin (drummer backing vocals, samplers), Phil Knight (lead guitar, synthesiser, backing vocals) and Jon Toogood (lead vocals, rhythm guitar). Karl Kippenberger (bass guitar, backing vocals) joined them in 1991.

For a period — because of some wierd label political correctiveness while touring post 9/11, the band did change their name and were known as “Pacifier” between 2002 and 2004 – before resetting it back.

Now ten albums deep — Shihad have had and continue to have a good run of well received and award winning releases within the New Zealand (and Australia) music market charts, with six of their studio albums peaking at number one.

You can link to Shihad Official : HERE

Event review & photo gallery by Bruce Biegler