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Enola (Australia)

We love to witness emerging artists (!) — so — a recent connection with up-and-coming ENOLA was pretty cool as that band continues an upward ride from within Australia’s alternative music scene.

With music first rooted within electronica and which can be both sweet and savage — ENOLA’s sound does draw some rollercoaster comparisons varying from aggressive punk to tender ballads — as well as a few avenues in between.

The lead singer for ENOLA (Ruby Marshall) is a very captivating artist whose range of vocal skills are front and centre and dominating.  Perhaps think first along the lines of Sonic Youth or maybe Siouxie Sioux but then updated to brooding dark wave influence.  Then for good cause — thrown in a mix of frantic urgency — maybe similar in style to the band IDLES of our present time.

Ruby Marshall – ENOLA

We did get a taste of some of that raw emotion when we witnessed ENOLA opening for Sleaford Mods (June 6th) in Brisbane QLD (Princess Theatre).  Ruby (who also plays guitar) was joined on-stage by Joshua Prendergast (Guitar), James Tyrell (Drummer) and Maya Alexandra (Bass guitar).  Their six-song set in advance of “the Punk Hunks” was both very effective and rather revealing. 

Based from Melbourne VIC, ENOLA’s first studio release was a debut EP from Burning Rose Records in 2019.  They have since made some critically acclaimed sonic waves with singles “Metal Body” and “Strange Comfort” – both coming to light during 2022 (released on Our Gold Friend label).  In particular Metal Body  is an interesting find – sounding very much like something filmmaker David Lynch could have selected for within the soundtrack for his Twin Peaks movie.

While Enola’s first full length album has yet to be developed – we have confirmation for new material and a new EP – targeted release for later 2023.  

You can link to ENOLA official: HERE

Post and photo gallery by Bruce Biegler