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Eskimo Joe (Australia)

Eskimo Joe are an Australian alternative rock band that has most certainly stood the test of time — while doing that very successfully!

After formation back in 1997 a core trio of Stuart MacLeod (lead guitar), Joel Quartermain (guitar) and Kavyen Temperley (bass guitar and lead vocals) have remained a popular attraction “down under” for over 25 years.

Based from far Western Australia (East Fremantle) — the band has recorded six albums. Their debut album Girl was released in 2001: A Song Is a City, released in 2004; Black Fingernails – Red Wine, released in 2006; Inshalla, released in May 2009; Ghosts of the Past, released 2011; and Wastelands, released September 2013. Three of their albums debuted #1 for ARIA charts.

Eskimo Joe have had 35 nominations and have won eight ARIA Music Awards during their career. Arguabley their most successful year was 2006 when the band achieved four wins for work associated with — Black Fingernails – Red Wine.

The song “Foreign Land” (from their 4th album ‘Inshalla’) collected 2 APRA awards in 2010. It was both the Most Played Rock Song on Australian radio and also selected by fans as the Best Rock Song.

Although Eskimo Joe remains predominantly a core trio while in the recording studio, the band does branch out it’s live performances and tour dates while including a series of talented artists within that lineup.

We did catch up with Eskimo Joe during an appearance at the Springloaded 2023 event held at Bribie Island (Sandstone Point Hotel) Queensland. That marquee inclusion at that popular festival was as expected – being spot on slick and as professional as would be expected while delighting both an attending avid fanbase and first time viewers as well.

Post and Photos by Bruce Biegler