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Upchuck (USA)

Digital captures from our memorable collision with Suicide Squeeze Records artists – Upchuck.

Fronted by dynamic female hard core vocalist “KT” (Kaila Thompson) this Atlanta Georgia-based noise unit has and is building quite a reputation since their first formation back in 2018.  

“KT” (Kaila Thompson) – Upchuck

Within a definate skateboard and hard street connection their music which combines elements of punk, doom and hip hop is once again hardly for the meek.

They have one release to their credit – 2020’s self titled album Upchuck – most certainly worth a listen.

With their social presence kept to a minimum by intention — some members of the band choose to self identify only as “KT” with Spuzz Dangas and Huffdog on guitars with Armando Arrieta playing bass and Chris Salado – drummer and sometime vocalist.

Photos by Bruce Biegler