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Bad Waitress (Canada)

“Breakin’ Hearts & Smokin’ Darts” is the moto behind a all female punk rock band which is now emerging from it’s home base scene in Toronto.

Bad Waitress did begin existence under the moniker Nude Dogs in 2017, before changing their name and lineup – now fronted by lead vocalist Kali-Ann Butala (Guitar) and members Katelyn Molgard (Guitar), Nicole Cain (Bass) and Eva Moon (Drummer).

Katelyn Molgard – Bad Waitress

In 2018, they released an EP – “Party Bangers: Volume 1” and followed that up with their first LP in 2021 – “No Taste” available on Royal Mountain Records.

If you have a passion for bands and a sound like L7 or The Cramps (which you should!) — Bad Waitress may very well be worth checking out.

Visit the band’s official: HERE

Review and photo gallery by Bruce Biegler