Loud Music

Sleep (USA)

(w/ Weather Warlock)

A digital account including my friend Quintron who opened for Sleep during a show at the Brown Theater in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Actually, it was Quintron’s side project “Weather Warlock” that opened the show.

Quintron – Weather Warlock

Weather Warlock utilizes a weather station hooked up to an analog synthesizer to create drones and rhythms that vary with the weather conditions.

The original equipment is placed on the banks of the Mississippi River in the 9th Ward of New Orleans. Weather Warlock originally operated as a drone metal band, improvising along with whatever sounds the weather was initiating, and playing exclusively at sunrise or sunset.

For the Sleep tour, Weather Warlock was just Quintron himself and a traveling weather station/ synthesizer set up outside the venue.

Matt Pike – Sleep

It should be noted that Weather Warlock has a very different sensibility than when Quintron performs with his wife Miss Pussycat—an organ-fueled, maraca-driven, sweat-inducing, glam, manic dancefest duo.

Stoner metal power trio Sleep needs little introduction. Started in the ‘90s in San Jose, the band’s current line-up is Matt Pike on guitar, Al Cisneros on bass and vocals, and drummer Jason Roeder.

Pike’s other band is infamous speed metal & Grammy Award winning “High on Fire”.

Event report and photos by Tim Hailey