Loud (Mouth) Scoop!

New to Hopeless

STREAM TODAY HERE!Today, enigmatic and mysterious rapper, PRXJEK, has announced his signing to Hopeless Records. To celebrate, PRXJEK is sharing the viscerally brutal single, “My Head Is A Prison.” Fans can stream the song at THIS location!PRXJEK is an artist of diversity, not limited to one sound. Mixing rap, trap, rock, metal, emo, melody and flow, in one moment you can see PRXJEK put down a breakneck rap freestyle, and the next moment, a chill alt R&B flow. What makes him culturally relevant is that his music is highly-relatable, expressive, and emotional. He embodies different energies, whether it be hopeless despair/agony or pulsating anger and rage, creating a sound that resonates deeply with a community of the voiceless. “My Head Is A Prison” is a brutal amalgamation of the frustration and anger toward a negative force in your life, one that sinks it’s talons deep in your brain, as you desperately want to escape from their presence. On the song, PRXJEK shares, “The song is about the feeling of frustration and anger, when you can’t get the thought of someone or something out of your head.”

Having amassed over 50M streams and built a successful style/merch line, PRXJEK continues to do what no one expects him to do. Having been counted out numerous times and having faced tons of adversity to get to this point, PRXJEK uses the criticism of his enemies as fuel and motivation to find new flows, new influences, and continue to craft a sound all his own. The result is something 100% authentic and creatively true. PRXJEK shares, “I only wanna put out authentic music. Sometimes creativity can’t be forced. And often when it is, you can see right through it.”

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