Loud (Mouth) Scoop!

A Real Red Herring Release!

Vancouver Art-Rock band, Red Herring have shared their new single, “The Brain Song” on all streaming services and digital platforms. It can be listened to HERE!
This is the first release from the band in 35 years. The Canadian icons have also announced that they will be releasing a new EP, “Neon” on November 6th, 2020. Pre-orders are available at THIS location!
“The brain is locked inside the skull where life is very dull. Jammed like slugs in Tupperware, it’s squirming to get out! out! out! So begins Brain Song, the first cut on the Neon EP.  Singer/songwriter Enrico Renz describes this crazed-foot-forward sci-fi rocker as an educational piece out to deliver the definitive lowdown on the ins and outs of physical intimacy.The Neon EP features the complete original 1980s lineup: Enrico Renz on vocals/guitar, Stephen Nikleva on guitar, Martin Walton on bass, Steve Lazin on drums; plus hired gun collaborator (upgraded to full band member) Id Guinness on keys, and the game-changing Tanya Gosgnatch on backup vocals.

While not every cut is as turbulent and zany as Brain Song, every track on the Neon EP is rich in story.  Driving, imaginative soundscapes mesh with taught, refreshing lyrics to make every song feel like a scene in a David Lynch movie.

“Neon” is comprised both of material written many years ago as well as newer songs. The EP represents the sense of promise of the band’s early material which never left their minds. What began as a collaboration between songwriter Enrico Renz who was studying philosophy at UBC and guitarist Stephen Nikleva who had just finished recording with Ferron became a 4 piece band and now has now grown to a 6 piece powerhouse.

1. The Brain Song
2. Chin Up
3. Neon
4. Julia
5. Savages
6. Shaker

Formed in 1984, by the end of their first year they had won CITR Radio’s first Shindig! Within the following year their debut EP, Taste Tests was released with critical acclaim from the Vancouver Sun and Discorder Magazine, earning the band the title “the thinking man’s dance band” with their art-rock sound, and thought-provoking lyrics. The band also released two music videos for “Taste Tests” and “The Crab Song” which aired on Much Music (a Canadian Cultural Institution) in the 1980s.

In the past 36 years band members have gone on to make their mark in Canadian music with members recording or touring with bands as diverse as Sarah McLachlan, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Veda Hille, and Ray Condo.

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Posted by Sarah Lutz