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“Crazy Heavy” from Canada Coming


“crazy heavy but at the same time really quite accessible, very unique” – Mike St. Jean, Devin Townsend Project

“such a great mix of elements. The more it’s listened to the more one can hear subtle things in the mix. The instrumentals add so much atmosphere and beauty to the album and makes it a perfect listen front to back” – Jahmeel Russell, ACTORS

“sparse melodies and cold atmosphere is haunting. The best part of 80’s guitar goth mixed with a desperate rasp. 80’s Killing Joke meets Joy Division meets Bauhaus, presented in the sonic equivalent to a boom box recording. Classic.” – James Farwell, Bison

“This is the least pedestrian record I’ve heard in a long time. It’s very raw and honest.  It’s very dynamic from front to back. In a way It’s like a heavy metal WEEN record. The heavy material is unrelenting and makes for a very powerful statement. Some of the other material it seemed like I was listening to Greg Dulli. Each song comes from a unique place. The second time though the LP plays like an old favorite you would never part with.  I’m very impressed. ”  – Adrian Mottram, Sights & Sounds

Picture this…
Imagine being at a music festival. As the acid hits your body, you find yourself wandering off alone into the fields of the night as the lights fade and all of the music from the stage begins to slowly morph together. The sounds begin to morph into one single demonic monster…
That demonic monster has a name, and the name is PILLARS OF A TWISTED CITY.
Getting its name from a poem by HP Lovecraft, Pillars Of A Twisted City, announce their signing to Debt Offensive Records and are releasing their self-titled debut out August 21st, 2020.
Pillars of a Twisted City fuses together elements of black metal, gothic and thrash punk and is often hailed as the Ween of Heavy Metal. The very idea of a heavy metal Ween awards itself a double-take. It might even be considered blasphemous to some, but that’s exactly what Pillars Of A Twisted City is about. The Vancouver band harnesses an honest and raw approach to DIY metal with twists and turns at every corner. Inspired by a wide variety of musical influences like Entombed, Darkthrone, Thin Lizzy, The Who, Swervedriver, Gorgoroth, traditional Latin Flamenco music and The Damned, the band’s overall message is freedom. Not being chained to any one musical genre and not running the risk of homogenizing their sound.
The album, Pillars Of A Twisted City was recorded, produced and mixed by Johnny Stewart and mastered by Grammy Nominated Gregg Mindroff (Native North America, Ice-T,  D.O.A, Tom Green). It was recorded over the course of two months at Desecration Studios (Stewart’s house on an 8-Track) in Vancouver. It’s first and foremost a black metal record. But for every brutal black metal song or thrash metal song, there’s a beautiful instrumental to accompany it. The album’s track order and diverse set of musical styles lend to one another both lyrically and atmospherically.
Lyrically, the album deals with scientific, political and philosophical narratives. Themes include theories of quantum physics and alternate realities, the transcendence of time, corruption, being born dead in a lifeless world and demonic possession.
1.Darkness Reign
2.Unmarked Grave
3.Upper Crust Royalty
4.Chamber of Sorrow
5.Pre-Cambrian Shield
6.Of Furious Death
7.Moonlight Cerveza
8.Suffocation Dance
9.Horizons of Neptune
10.Collision Course With Armageddon
11.Pillars of a Twisted City
Debt Offensive Records is a Canadian record label that was founded in 2010. With nearly 30 releases to date, Debt Offensive has worked with artists such as Supercrush, Unfun, Cancers, No Problem, Woolworm, Slates, Paradise, and many more.


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