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September Mourning (USA)

September Mourning is much more than just a heavy metal band; they’re a multifaceted entity that incorporates trans media dark culture for a one of a kind experience.

Emily Lazar – September Mourning

The sonic project/stage art is the brainchild of lead singer Emily Lazar, who pitched the idea to Top Cow comics for a concept project based around a story line. Lazar who is obsessed with comic books, death and the life after uses her own life experiences to build the story from.

It’s kind of a theatrical art project that comes to life in music, comic books and live concerts. The music and comic books parallel each other as one-story line. The bands videos often include animation mixed in with the musicians to create a multidimensional experience.  Lazar writes the majority of the lyrics for their songs, while the rest of the band incorporates the music making each song just a piece of the whole story. September Mourning’s first album Volume I solidifies the concept of the project with Volumes II and III continue to tell the story.  When Volume IIII is released it will complete this story and another story will begin with a new series of albums and comic books.

Emily is September, who was chosen by fate to be paid a visit from the grim reaper. But instead of taking her soul the grim reaper falls in love with her and September becomes a human grim reaper hybrid with eternal life.  She can’t remember anything from her human life but knows that she needs to take souls. September now negotiates the worlds of the living and the dead. During her quest for souls he finds that she is taking only the good souls and leaving the evil ones. There becomes a war between fate and September as she becomes a catalyst for humanity trying to save all of the good souls. Fate thought wants September to take the good souls and leave only the evil ones in order to create an apocalypse on earth. September starts swapping good souls that she has taken for bad one’s which causes fate to send reapers to stop her. The band members represent the reapers sent to earth by fate. On stage the band wears reaper style clothing while September is spectacular in her grim reaper hybrid look.

Event review and photo gallery (from Montage Music Hall, Rochester, NY.) by Steve Embling