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Silver Snakes (USA)

We have always liked our music “industrialized” so it was pretty cool to witness LA-based Silver Snakes during a tour (that included Canada) in 2019.

Headed by founder Alex Estrada, who’s multi musical talents go well beyond song writing (lead vocals — guitar – synth keyboards and programming), Estrada is now backed by artists Michael Trujillo and Mike Woods.

Alex Estrada – Silver Snakes

Estrada’s angst implied vocals and brooding stage presence might have suggested to some in the audience a possible possession by Joy Division founder Ian Curtis (LOL) — but with all that then updated to a music formula that includes maybe the likes of France’s Carpenter Brut joined at the hip with Nine Inch Nails (?) — and we mean all of that in a very good way.

Silver Snakes were touring to promote their newest album (their 4th full release) “Death and the Moon” (Evil Ink Records) which contains very creative original material (IE check out “Smokedance” < Here ) and that also has some cool twists of influence by bands who the band self describe as having direction for their career – namely — Ministry and Garbage.

Silver Snakes really do a admiral job of collecting cool guitar hooks and synth vibes which are then laid over some signature electrified industrial beat — a sound that is difficult to achieve properly but which when done right is what we have all come to love.

For more information on Silver Snakes — check out their official: HERE

Evil Ink Records

Event review and photo gallery by Bruce Biegler