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Stitched Up Heart (USA)

It was “date night at the Dingbatz” in Clifton New Jersey and creative artists Stitched Up Heart headlined within that club’s intimate and in-your-face stage setting.

This Los Angeles-based group which was first formed in 2010 by lead songstress Alecia Demner (aka “Mixi”) and which now  includes members James Decker (drummer), Merritt Goodwin (guitar) and Randy Mathias (bass) do thrive on a reputation for being a very ass-kicking independent band.

Alecia Demner – Stitched Up Heart

With early origins and influence from within the west coast punk rock scene — their current sound could be best described as “alt metal” —  sonics that do not have any problem feeding the discriminating pallets for most fans within the metal/hard rock sound landscape. 

Their first studio album came out in 2016 — “Never Alone” — however this night their focus  included songs from their newest release — “Darkness” — which is due out in early 2020 (Another Century Records).

The “Stitched Up Heart” set was high energy and entertaining with Alecia’s both “sweet and sour” lead vocals melding well with their ambitious live show.

For more information on “Stitched Up Heart” —check out the official links below.



….and for a taste – check out the video for the song “Lost” from their upcoming new album:  HERE

Event review and photo gallery by:  “Diamond Dave” DeAngelis