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Devil Driver (USA)

LMLCMedia did collide with California-based Devil Driver during their extensive and world wide tour in 2019.

I have personally and for a long time been a fan of dynamic lead singer Dez Farara — dating back to when he was the voice behind what was one of “punk goths” most notorious bands ever – Coal Chamber – during their relatively short fuse career.

Dez Farara – Devil Driver

After that band collapsed, mostly due to internal conflicts in the 1990’s, Dez did a reboot and moved on — first forming Devil Driver in 2002.   

Today, he is the only remaining original member of Devil Driver which has seen a number of artists migrate in and out the band since inception.  In addition to Farara, the current lineup now features Mike Spreitzer (lead guitar), Neal Tiemann (rhythm guitar), Diego Ibarra (bass guitar) and Austin D’Amond as drummer.

In fact the band’s longevity is now pretty impressive as is it’s long list of releases — with 8 studio albums to date (Roadrunner and then to Napalm labels) — their most recent being “Outlaws to the End” which debuted in 2018.

Devil Driver’s music style is damn aggressive to say the least – melding mostly influences of various heavy metal bands but mixed still with the punch of punk/thrash.

At the very visual and also high energy show we witnessed their music material came mostly from “Outlaws to the End”.  Personally, I had always regretted never having the opportunity to have seen Farara’s Coal Chamber band live when they were in their prime — so I found pretty cool that Devil Driver did include a couple of Coal Chamber’s most impactful songs — “Loco” and “Fiend” within their set list this evening.  

A démonstration of proper “Mosh pit etiquette”

You can check out more and stay informed about Devil Driver at their official:  HERE

Post and photo gallery by Bruce Biegler