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Wednesday 13 (USA)

On Wednesday ( July) 3rd LMLCMedia got a major dose of Wednesday 13 — at the London Music Hall.

Fronted by extremely dynamic Joseph Michael Pool (stage name Wednesday 13) this band’s set really was a visually strange and powerful extravaganza of sights and sounds as Wednesday 13 portrayed a wild range of characters while his band pounded out extremely high calibre death/thrash metal.

After first emerging from the shadows as a sinister looking cloaked spectre, Pool then morphed while doing progressive songs.  A stint as some sort of ghoulish voodoo priest, then the “evil one” (#666) himself was followed by an entity which could maybe be described as one of those dark shadow phaser dudes (“got a light?”) from within David Lynch’s most recent Twin Peaks series saga?

Was I entertained? — damn straight I was!

Evidenced by what I saw Wednesday 13 have this Goth/Shock rock thing down to near perfection.  It’s actually pretty hard to take your eyes off this controlling artist — I mean anyone who can run around a stage with two faces on his head (one front and one back) while doing extreme contortions, does tend to keep ones attention.

Joseph Michael Pool – AKA Wednesday 13

Joseph Michael Poole has an extensive and very long list of band involvements and side projects in his career. That includes being the frontman of the infamous Murderdolls and also playing with more obscure bands like Maniac Spider Trash, Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, Bourbon Crow and Gunfire 76.

His current band includes guitar players Roman Surman and Jack Takersley, as well as Troy Doebbler (Bass) and Kyle Castronova (Drummer). Together they seemingly have brewed up a very high octane formula.

And I will say this — I certainly would not want to be in the next rock band to follow this opening act — I mean sheesh!

If you truly think yourself to be a connoisseur of extreme music — you do need to partake in some Wednesday 13 — if you have not already.

Their most recent release is “Condolences” which is available via Nuclear Blast Records.

You can find out more about Wednesday 13 at their official : HERE

Event Review and Photo Gallery by Bruce Biegler