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Alien Weaponry (New Zealand)

I’m a firm believer that first impressions are lasting impressions.

So when I had the opportunity to witness the first ever Canadian concert date for New Zealand’s Alien Weaponry  (at Toronto’s Rebel) I definitely came away with a feeling that I had seen something special.

This high energy band is pretty darn unique.  All three members are compartively very young versus most out there.   Their stage presence and sonics could be described as if a Nirvana melded with a Sepultura — and in fact Lewis de Jong (who plays guitar and vocals) does bear a very real resemblance to a young Kurt Colbain.

Lewis de Jong

I was struck by how skilled and honed they sound despite the band’s relative infancy.  Reportedly, they first formed back in 2010 when Lewis Je Jong and his brother Henry (drummer) were only 8 and 10 years old respectively (!) while living in Auckland NZ.  Now including bass guitarist Ethan Trembath (who joined the band in 2013) — this power trio has certainly evolved quickly and their refined sound is both familiar but also foreign at the same time.

All three members are proud of their Maori ancestry with several of their songs being written in that tribal regional language.  We loved the way they embrace that heritage too — opening their set with a “Haka” (which is an  intimidating Maori ceremonial challenge and stance used prior to battle), very different and entertaining.  

To date their releases are limited — with their first full album release “Tu” (which came out in 2018) being very much worth seeking out.  (Tu is Maori for “too much” — when something good is happening/expression of joy) 

Really good stuff — highly recommended — the future is bright for Alien Weaponry.

You can link to their official : HERE 

Event review and photo gallery by Bruce Biegler