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The Flatliners (Canada)

Toronto’s The Flatliners are a band that has certainly stood the test of time.  After finding their groove early they have continued on with a pretty successful formula ever since.

This punk rock band who’s members hale from Richmond Hill and Brampton, Ontario, trace their formation all the way back to 2002.  And ever since The Flatliners have been a constant influence and a popular attraction within both the GTA’s and Canada wide punk movement.

Musically, their DNA is most certainly punk but instead of spitting hard core, their sound is more melodic and often UK-like ska influenced.  

Headed by frontman and guitar player, Chris Creswell, the band also includes members, Paul Ramirez (Drummer), Scott Brigham (Guitar) and Jon Darbey (Bassist).

Their history of full length album releases is impressive.  After starting off with Destroy to Create in 2005, they subsequently put out Great Awake (2007), Cavalcade (2010), Juno-award nominated Dead Language (2013), Division of Spoils (2015) and most recently 2017’s Invitation Light.

We caught them in action recently during a typical and energetic show held at the London Music Hall.

For more information on The Flatliners — click : HERE

Post and photo gallery by Bruce Biegler