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Cosmic Psychos (Australia)

From the department of cool as it could have ever been – we were thrilled with our opportunity to rendezvous with true Australian punk rock icons – the Cosmic Psychos!

After hearing so much about them and following their career from afar for a long time from North America — it was actually pretty “cosmic” in itself that the planets aligned so that I could make this trip “down under” to witness this truly amazing band live and in person — and in their natural environment (a bonafide rowdy Australian pub!)

We got to watch Ross “Dr.” Knightly (the only remaining original member) and his bandmates John “Mad Macka” McKeering and Dean Muller consume a lot of beer and drop a lot of “F-bombs” during a very memorable set up on the Sunshine Coast at the Noosa area’s very popular local spot (the V-Room at the Noosaville Hotel).

We loved the racket, the sarcasm, the comedy and the absolute intimacy of this show.   I was a fan going into this — but after what I witnessed — when I left the venue I was (soaked in beer) and a changed man!

They have some wicked cool/hilarious stuff that dates way back throughout their career — however — if you have not yet picked up copies of their two most recent albums:  “Cum the Raw Prawn” (2015) and now “Loud Mouth Soup” (2018) — pay attention!…..I have large volumes of punk rock music within my vast collection and I can say without hesitation that the brilliance and quality of those two studio releases is some of the best punk stuff — I have ever heard*!   Undeniable pure gold — not to be missed, etc etc!

*In fact if you buy either of those two and can honestly say you do not agree — I’ll personally refund you your money (at least I think I will….LOL!).  But trust me on this one — you will thank me! ….you can buy me a beer later….a VB please!…

You can link to the band’s official using the icon below:

All photos by Bruce Biegler