Loud Music

Voiid (Australia)

Images of our rendezvous with Brisbane Australia-based Voiid – an aggressive very noisy all female quartet who boast their influences as including legendary L7.  We would describe their sound as something which melds The Runaways with maybe a much faster pace Black Sabbath? (and we mean that in a good way!).  We got a kick out of the way lead songstress Anji Greenwood rolls her eyes while hitting certain select notes and we admit it’s love at first sight with Voiid drummer Jasmine Cannon (loud sigh noise LOL!)  Lead Guitarist Kate McGuire and Bass player Antona Hickey give the band a powerful and entertaining guitar essence.
All Photos by Bruce Biegler (Shot opening for Cosmic Psychos at (highly recommended) Vroom Villa Noosa Hotel – Noosaville QLD)
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